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Reflect PvP Stalker

el Miér 02 Mar 2016, 11:20 am
My build is mostly for PvPing and BG/Woe. By copying Flying Side Kick, Shield Chain or Shield Boomerang you can break emperium easily and you can do beautiful EC.
I think you can PvM and drop too. This build is based on a good Matk and medium-high Vit.
Let’s star with the stat :

Str : 29 to carry pots and conso

Agi : 2 the left point

Vit : 72 for a good survivability and to tank a little

Int : 70 for a good Matk to reflect good magic

Dex : 91 to full divest/strip

Luk : 1 none in my case

Now the gears :

Weapon : Cutter (2xPlankton & 2xMagnolia card) To statuse your opponents and full divest them

Elemental Sword (3xPitman card) Switch with this to deal good damage in reflect

Headgear : Top : +4 Large Baphomet Horn [DEF] or +4 Feather Beret to survive longer than a poring when you are against a demi-human Laughing

Middle : Blush of Groom like the top

Lower : Gentleman Pipe like the top

Shield : +4 Valkyrian shield with Thara frog for survivability or High orc for an additional reflect chance

Armor : +4 Diabolus Armor (if there is a +1/3 vit enchant) with Evil Druid or Marc card for resistance to frozen status

Garment : +4 Valkyrian Manteau with Noxious/Raydric for additional demi-human resistance or with Salamander card if u use DL card to deal good Damage with MS

Footgear : Variant Shoes for a lot of HP and SP/+4 Goibne’s greaves for good HP with Dark lord card to cast Meteor Storm lvl 5

Accessories : 2x Clip with Gazeti card for cold bolt and elemental sword effect/ Ring of Ifrit/ Gazeti clip + Siroma

clip for better damage with cold bolt/ 2x Wind Ghost clip to cast Jupitel Thunder and deal good damage

Now the Skills :

High Thief :

As you want.

Stalker :

Snatcher 4
Steal coin 4
Backstab 4
Tunnel drive 3
Raid 5
Intimidation 5
Plagiarism 10
Preserve 1
Strip helm 5
Strip shield 5
Strip armor 5
Strip weapon 5
Fullstrip 5
Stealth 3
Reject Sword 5
Left points : 0

This is a link with the skill simu :

Skill to copy : FSK (Flying Side Kick) from a Star Glad or Taekwon Boy, Shield Boomerang from a paladin or
crusader, Shield Charge the same. These Skill are very good to break emp and statuse your opponents.
Strategies :

I’ve never fought 1 class by 1 class, all the time I fight all classes at the same time in Battle Ground so I haven’t a very good strategy. But there is a good tip : Use your copied skill on an enemy to statuse him and strip. Then Let your team kill him or them (in WOE or BG). After that, chain (with your copied the skill) the emp. It’s like that we always win in BG. In our team we always are 2 or 3 stalkers. (I play on a french Server)

I hope this build could help you and I hope you liked this. And thanks for reading this.

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