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PvP/WoE Sonic Blow Assassin Cross Build

el Miér 02 Mar 2016, 10:54 am
Hello, this is my first writing at RMS..
As the title above, i want to share my build for PvP/WoE sonic blow assassin cross.
This type of sinX is one of the most popular build, due to its ability to 1 hit kill other jobs with sonic blow+EDP.

Status Build :
STR 120 – 130
VIT 70-80
DEX 80-100
No AGI, no LUK, no INT? Yes, because i think AGI, LUK, and INT won’t give significant effect to SB, altough LUK will you extra damage. But sometimes i found pure sonic blow sinX using agi, with the build like i have mentioned above, but they use agi and let the vit 1.

Skill build :
Sonic Blow is a katar based skill, so make sure you’ve maxed out all katar skills. and maxed out Sonic Blow of course. Other important skills of course CDP and EDP. Supportive skills also important : cloaking, enchant poison, and thief skils : backslide, very useful to run away after SB, and hiding, which is very useful when you combine it with grimtooth. Soul destroyer also a good choice, altough you have little INT, it still do some nice damage.
Important skills : Katar Mastery, Advanced Katar Research, Sonic Blow, Grimtooth, Create Deadly Potion, Enchant Deadly Potion, Cloaking, Soul Destroyer, and (maybe) Meteor Assault.
Supporting skills : Hiding, Backslide, Enchant Poison

Equipment :

Attacking Mode :

Upper Headgear : Alice Doll Hat – Vanberk Card (Best for PvP)
(any STR, atk, or demi-human damage improving headgear will be great i think..)

Middle Headgear : Masquerade (+3% damage to demihuman, not bad)
Evil Wing Ears/Angel Wing ears

Hockey Mask (+5% damage to demihuman, best but really expensive)

Lower Headgear : Assassin Mask, Oxygen Mask (looks cool)

Gangster Mask or Pirate Dagger (ATK+5)

Armor : Bone Plate (STR+1) with Porcellio Card (ATK+25, DEF-5)

Enchanted Formal Suit (STR+3) with Porcellio Card

Diablos Armor with Porcellio Card

Weapons :
Infiltrator[1] with Skel Worker Card (refine it as high as possible)

Bloody Roar (refine it as high as possible), for Palladin, LK, and other high VIT characters

+10 Speciality Jur[4] with 4 Howard Alt-Eisen Card (3 Howards + 1 Hydra are good too), for high flee characters (snipers,
Katar of Quaking (2 Hydra 1 Skel Worker), to bypass Raydric Card and valkyrie Shield (refine it as high as possible)
+10 Speciality Jur (2x orc skeleton, 2x desert wolf) for AGI type, to help breaking Emperium during WoE when needed

Garment : Wool Scarf/Diablos Manteau compounded with Giant Whisper Card (Skin Proxy Fragment recommended)

Shoes : Shackle/Tidal shoes/Diablos Boots (+9 with Antique Firelock recommended)

Accessories : Bloodied Shackle Ball/Diablos Ring (Mantis/Ragged Zombie) -> recommended

2x Bradium Ring (Mantis)

Thief Ring / Cold Heart

2x Ring (Mantis)

2x Vesper Core 02 (very expensive in my server Very Happy)

IMHO, for the Attacking set, you don’t need to have high + equipments except the weapons (>=+7 is a must),

because after SB ing, backsliding and hiding again will be great action to wait the chance to kill your next victim. So, high def is not really important in this set.

Defensive Set :

Upper Headgear : Feather Beret, Beret, Poo Poo Hat (one of them is a must)

Middle Headgear : Evil Wing Ears/Angel Wing ears (def 1)

Hockey Mask (def 2) – middle and lower

Lower Headgear : anything..

Armor : +8 or more Padded Armor with ED/Pecopeco

+7 or more Chain Mail with ED/Pecopeco

(bring 2 or more armors, and 1 Evil Druid carded armor is a MUST)

Weapon : +5 Cowardice Blade (2x Zipper Bear) / +4 Assassin Dagger / +4 Combat Knife

Shield : +7 or more Buckler / Bradium Shield / thorn shield / Orlean’s Server / Valkyrie Shield (Thara Frog Carded)

Garment : +7 or more Wool Scarf/Diablos Manteau compounded with Raydric / Noxious Card(Skin Proxy Fragment

will do a lot)

Shoes : +7 or more Tidal shoes/Diablos Boots (Matyr, Green Ferus, or Antique Firelock if +9)

Accessories : 2x Safety Ring

Safety Ring/Armor Charm (Combo with Padded Armor)

With high VIT and this Defensive set, assassin cross can survive longer in PvP / WoE. It also good to combine the Attacking and Defensive set. Put shield and defensive dagger (CK, CB, or Asn Dagger) on the hotkeys, and use Cranial swapping technique. After SB-ing your enemy, ASAP swap your katar with your cranial shield and defensive dagger (it will result a SB with a dagger in the animation). You won’t die easily if someone hit you after SB, and you have enough time to backslide, hide, and heal yourself.

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